Featured: The Tao of Elvis

by Dr David H. Rosen
art by Diane Katz

This book is just so beautiful ! the loving care and godliness shows in every detail.

I don’t know about God being in the details, but I do know about God in the artist’s heart
… and this book is indeed from that.

Congratulations everyone! Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Phd (5.23.12 correspondence with Dr Rosen)

Now Also in Paperback!

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Chapter 11:
Darkness, Sorrow & Sadness

Chapter 15:
Alone & Loneliness

Chapter 23:

Chapter 36:
Madness & Illness

Chapter 38:

Chapter 41:
Death & Rebirth

Why are we featuring The Tao of Elvis? More than a book, this project’s an extraordinary journey — a spiritual one, and what a surprise! We think you’ll sense this when you hold this one-pound volume in your hands.

“This Book is a Miracle, and I’m So Glad it Exists!” (Jean N., Vashon, WA)

Featured here to begin the “show & tell,” also visit our Tao of Elvis page for more pictures and information about The Tao of Elvis. The sidebars here and on the Elvis pages will also show signs of more telling going on in our blog.

Jumpsuits, Paper cutting, The Tao, and the Chef

How do Elvis and his glitzy jumpsuits connect to Chinese paper cuts and The Tao? There is a local chef who will take a private challenge from a diner in his restaurant: name three unrelated or discordant edibles and he will make for you a meal divinely connecting the tastes. That is the experience of The Tao of Elvis.

The author, Dr David H. Rosen, is a scholarly fan of Elvis, and for this new edition he has attracted other scholarly Elvis fans, including:

Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul: A Guide for Cultivating Depth and Sacredness in Everyday Life.
Read selections from Thomas Moore’s foreword.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of Women Who Run with the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype. Read selections from the Clarissa Pinkola Estés afterword.

The Tao of Elvis — Deluxe Edition — 9x12n. hand-bound hardcover — $60
Handmade hemp binding, English Somerset, Stardream & Japanese Echizen Washi cover, Echizen Washi flyleaves, Classic Laid Baronial Ivory text,
full-color printing, archival, 2012, 105 pages. NOTE: LIMITED EDITION HAS SOLD OUT.
Elegant and totally Elvis — and “it looks like a sacred text” !
The Tao of Elvis takes on the sparkle of The King through metaphorically chosen papers and motifs:

  • “Gold Lamé” cover features a “silk scarf” (Japanese Echizen Washi paper) with a “Mad Tiger” motif. (Elvis’s karate pseudonym was “Tiger” and his favored jumpsuit the “Mad Tiger.”)
  • Like strands of Elvis’s black, black hair, the hemp binding is deeply textured.
  • Flyleaves glitter with silver and gold inclusions.
  • Jewel-stud border motif throughout the book.

Now in Paperback!

The Tao of Elvis — Paperback Edition — 7x8.5 in. — Introductory Price $15 (reg. $18)
black & white printing, Wipf & Stock Publishers, 2013, 136 pages.

Spiritual Synergy & Rhinestone StoriesDr Rosen is a spiritual seeker, and he has attracted other spiritual seekers to the project, including Larry Geller, author of Leaves of Elvis’ Garden: The Song of His Soul, who, spiritually, was Elvis’s right-hand man. Larry has devotedly kept up a running correspondence with both the author and the artist of The Tao of Elvis, sharing with us first-hand information and loving support.The designer and illustrator, Diane Katz, is an artist, and she has been surprised at the kindness of Elvis artists, Butch Polston and Gene Doucette. Doucette originated, along with the late Bill Belew, the designs of Elvis’s jumpsuits. Polston’s family works with Doucette at B&K Enterprises to continue making Elvis’s glittering garb. Polston is an historian at heart, with the gift of a natural storyteller. He is gathering the knowledge he has learned directly from both Belew and Doucette. Diane’s Artist’s Notes in every chapter include, here and there, a taste of Polston’s stories. (More to come from Butch, we hope!)Uncanny ParallelsAs our work progressed, uncanny parallels appeared between Elvis’s jumpsuits and the eclectic range of esoteric understanding that was so dear to Elvis. Dr Rosen had already made remarkable connections between the words of Elvis’s people: Ann-Margret, Priscilla Presley, Sam Phillips…. and the wisdom of Lao Tzu, Deng Ming-Dao, Kahlil Gibran…. Now we had jumpsuit symbolism to add to the mystical brew!There was also an uncanny connection between designer Doucette and Elvis — though we were surprised to learn that throughout their years of collaboration they never met. Both claim Native American ancestry, though Doucette, more conscious of it, was the one who incorporated Native symbolism into jumpsuit designs. Some such symbolism was visible, and some was invisible to unknowing eye…Be Inspired, Intrigued and Surprised — experience The Tao of Elvis! Also of InterestNEW! Creation story and vision quest, Lost in the Long White Cloud: Finding my Way Home
is a memoir turned cinematic adventure story
by the astonishingly honest, good-hearted and erudite David H. Rosen, MD.(a Rosenberry Books designed, Wipf & Stock paperback edition)

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