Pieces of History

Quilt Patterns from the North Carolina Museum of History

chosen by Winterthur Museum, Peabody Essex Museum, Denver Museum of Art, Biltmore Estate &
70 other museums for their gift shops

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Pieces of History - deluxe edition
Six-Pointed Star
Tulip and Plume
Heel Tap and Shoe Point
North Carolina Rose
Cotton Boll
Feathered Star
North Carolina Lily

Pieces of History - deluxe edition

Six-Pointed Star
ca. 1848 from collection of North Carolina Museum of History

Tulip and Plume
ca. 1880-1900 from collection of North Carolina Museum of History

Heel Tap and Shoe Point
ca. 1875-1900 from collection of North Carolina Museum of History

North Carolina Rose
1974 from collection of North Carolina Museum of History

Cotton Boll
ca. 1851-1860 from collection of North Carolina Museum of History

Feathered Star
ca. 1885-1890 from collection of North Carolina Museum of History

North Carolina Lily
ca. 1855 from collection of North Carolina Museum of History

Twenty-five Full-size Patterns

Pieces of History combines the knowledge of the North Carolina History Museum curators with the skill of noted quilting expert Jane Hall, presenting the known history and full-sized patterns of twenty-five mostly 19th century quilts selected from the museum’s extensive collections

Commissioned by the North Carolina Museum of History for their Centennial.
— A staple in their gift shop for nearly a decade!

The earliest quilt, Six-Pointed Star, was sewn ca. 1828. The Civil War would not come for over a dozen years, and sixteen-year-old Mary Blount Grimes was free to concentrate on the arrangement of diamonds cut from her suitors’ silk ties (see image above). We can only imagine Mary’s thoughts as she worked to show off her skills as a seamstress and as someone’s future wife.

The original Mariner’s Compass bears twelve compass star blocks inked with Bible verses, dates and the names of the daughter and four granddaughters of NC governor Richard Caswell (who served twice between 1776 and 1787). One granddaughter, Eleanor White Swain, was also the wife of Governor David Lowry Swain (served 1832-1832).

Mariner’s Compass is a favorite of Jane Hall, who worked with the historical quilts to create full-sized patterns for Pieces of History. Hall is acclaimed for precise technique in piecing acutely angle points as found in the Mariner’s Compass. See a complete list of Quilts & Families

“Pieces of History is absolutely wonderful — The style is so rich in character.
I love the way it is bound and presented … an excellent teaching tool.”

Georgia Bonesteel, host of PBS’s “Lap Quilting with Geogia Bonesteel.”

Winner of the Quilter’s Hall of Fame Award.

Pieces of History, Deluxe Edition — 9x14 in. hand-bound softcover — $34.95
Handmade Thai Mulberry binding, Engish Somerset & Echizen Washi cover,
deckled handmade Thai-mulberry flyleaves with fabric inclusions,
color drawings, archival, 2003.
Pieces of History — Standard Edition — 9x14 in. hand-bound softcover — $17.95
English Somerset cover, grayscale drawings, archival, 2003..

About the North Carolina Museum of History

Located in downtown Raleigh, permanent exhibits focus on the state’s decorative arts, military history and sports. Visitors see a variety of short-term and traveling exhibits. Special programs include demonstrations, music concerts, traveling exhibits and family events. The Museum Shop features North Carolina crafts. Visitors may ask to see the North Carolina Quilt Project database in which over ten thousand quilts are recorded, photographed and their stories preserved.

About the Quilting Expert

Jane Hall has lectured and taught quiltmaking for guilds and quilt conferences in the United States and abroad for twenty-five years. She is an author and quilt designer as well as a teacher, judge, and appraiser for antique and contemporary quilts.

Her award-winning quilts have been exhibited nationally and internationally in quilt shows, juried fiber and multi-media exhibitions, and galleries. Her quilts are included in public and private collections and in the American Quilter’s Society Museum in Paducah, KY.

She has a particular interest in foundation work, and has explored methods for using foundation techniques in all kinds of piecing, traditional, innovative, as well as designs not usually considered for foundation piecing.

Ms. Hall is the author of Every Quilter’s Foundation Piecing Reference Tool; The Experts’ Guide to Foundation Piecing; Foundation Borders ; and Foundation Quilts: Building on the Past and writes articles for Quilters Newsletter Magazine and American Quilter magazine.

Intrigued by the interaction of colors in fabrics and the graphics of quilt designs, especially the geometry of patterns such as Mariner’s Compasses, Log Cabins and Pineapples, she works most often with traditional patterns using innovative sets and coloration, taking a fresh approach to the designs.

She is a member of:
National Quilting Association — certified as Masters Judge
American Quilters Society — certified as Appraiser of Textiles
International Quilt AssociationAmerican Quilt Study Group
Capital Quilter’s Guild, Raleigh NC
New Horizons Quilt Group, Research Triangle, NC

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