Appletta’s Secret Fairy World

“Appletta is AWESOME — she knows just what to say
— I wish everyone could know about Appletta!”

That Magical Moment of Awakening: “Appletta Came! My Tooth is Gone!”

…and in its place is a handmade (Fairy-made!) envelope
with an illustrated story-letter in Appletta’s expressively curly hand.
— dear, wise and funny Appletta..!

Appletta’s letters can be used whether or not a tooth has fallen out. Make any day you choose Magical!
Letters from Appletta Tooth Fairy - Blue Set

Blue Set for First Child

Letters from Appletta Tooth Fairy - Green Set

Green Set for Sibling

Appletta’s Book

Your child’s name at the top … so many Story-Letters to read together!

Choose and customize Letter Sets to suit your family

We are happy to help! — 800.723.0336 or email — Also, Custom Letters written entirely for your child.

About Appletta

About Appletta’s Story-Letters

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