Custom Publishing Services

Variety and Richness

Rosenberry Books creates “Book in Hand” editions for individuals and groups who wish to have their work published in beautifully-designed handbound editions. Rosenberry Books offers something very different from the mainstream publishing industry, which is no longer able to respond to the variety and richness of human endeavor.

Make it Happen!

Why wait for the “powers-that-be” to make your book come true? We want to work with you to make your unique works available in fine handbound editions.

Innovative Design

Working with book designer-author-illustrator Diane Katz, you will participate in the design of your book in order to achieve a publication that is sensitive to your idea and expression. Versatile and responsive to the text, Ms Katz can also illustrate your book.

Alternative to Planned Obsolescence

Rosenberry Books also seeks to provide an alternative to the paperback and desktop publishing norm of poorly-designed books that fall apart as you read them. We are not the only ones who are tired of books that are nothing more than downloads with glued edges.

Deeper Experience of the Contents

A well-made, beautifully-designed book can be a treasured object which provides a deeper experience of the contents. Employing fine design, strong & innovative construction and fine art materials, we create for you a beautiful, long-lasting book. But we keep our prices desktop-publishing competitive to make our alternative dream more accessible and possible.

Your readers can experience reading in a new way through the multi-sensory pleasures of a book — handmade to last for generations — by Rosenberry Books.

Set-up Fees
Estimates are given after a free consultation. Example: a simple text-only book, such as a book of haiku poems, costs $10 per poem to design. For more than forty poems, the cost is $5 per poem.
The minimum set-up fee is $140.

Book Orders
You can order books any time, in any quantity. The cost of your book will depend on the dimensions, the richness and variety of papers used in construction, number of pages, printing costs (from full color to black & white), etc. The minimum book cost is $6.95.

We can offer your book for sale on our website. Royalties may be applicable to books which sell more than 250 copies, other than author’s copies, in the first year of publication.

You are the best salesperson for your own book. As a lecturer, teacher or event vendor, for instance, you are in a fine position to resell your books. For quantity purchases of books to resell, we offer wholesale prices. We can also sell wholesale copies of your books to bookstores and giftshops.

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