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Your Publisher, Short-Form Memoir

“…there was a star danced, and under that was I born”

Shakespeare — Much Ado About Nothing ( II, i)

David Rosen just challenged me to write my memoir.

David, the author of The Tao of Elvis, The Tao of Jung: The Way of Integrity,Transforming Depression: Healing the Soul through Creativity, and a mile long list of other books, is writing a three-volume memoir. I have been editing the first volume, living with his feature-movie-exciting life for hours every day for weeks now. But I can answer his challenge to me in a nutshell.

For some blog-time humor here goes:

Geographical History:

birth — Milwaukee, WI; where beer was corporate, in those pre-artisanal days, and the wind blew with hops.

best part of my youth — Minneapolis, MN; in the heyday of small food co-ops on every street corner. As a co-op manager, I hired my future husband. Couldn’t remember his name.

theatrical education — BFA Ithaca College; favorite line performed: “There is something wild in the air, no wind, but everything is moving.” (from The Rose Tattoo by Tennessee Williams, spoken with thick Sicilian accent).

adopted country — rural North Carolina.

Favorite color:

Not white. A canvas is white — momentarily — so are my clothes. Spontaneity takes all.

Favorite sport:

Dance. I’ll dance to anything but hyper bass.

Favorite song:

Song of the wood thrush. That’s how Frederica von Stade would sound if she had two larynxes.

Most avoided job:

Dishes are my Waterloo.


The honeybees are my son’s, but the local green anole lizards like me.

Diane Katz, is a book designer, artist and illustrator.

Diane can be reached at 800.723.0336

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