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The Tao of Elvis — a Rosenberry Books Paperback !?!!

Well, no. The Tao of Elvis new paperback edition is published by Wipf & Stock Publishers, but is designed by Rosenberry Books to give our “sacred text” greater reach.

We wanted an economical book that, unlike our hand bound editions, could fly through the trade publishing system into the hands of more readers.

It has been and interesting process transforming our full-color, pull-out-all-the-stops-and-special-papers Deluxe Edition into a black & white paperback — and I am honestly surprised to be delighted with the results!

The artwork is not simply “Photoshopped” into grayscale. That would result in dulled artwork.

Instead, I used the same artistic skills used by classical artists to translate their color paintings into black and white etchings and lithographs. Tonal variation and textures in monochrome are used to replace the energies of the original color.

It works when done well. Think of black & white movies and how beautiful they can be….

So I am quite proud of the paperback, but still, it is nothing like the experience of the sumptuous Deluxe Edition with its highly-textured handmade papers and imported papers with gold and silver inclusions. Each book is a work of art made with our own hands, and well worth the cost.

There is place for every good thing….

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