About Appletta’s Story-Letters

“I was not prepared for how gorgeous it all is. These are very high quality, brilliantly produced letters that will always be treasured by parent and child alike….”

Natural Parenting UK review

“A delightful merriment! Appletta Tooth Fairy brings just the right story at just the right time!
With fanciful illustrations, enclosed in a beautiful envelope, this is a wonderful offering to share with our children and grandchildren.

Marianne Alsop,
Association of Waldorf Schools of North America

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Go where they live ... There they are!
In the Spring
Sir Godfrey and Jacky

Go where they live ... There they are!

"In the old-old-old ever-so-long-ago days ... Fairies didn't hide out.
If you wanted to see a Fairy:
Go where they live....There they are!"

In the Spring

"The Bittie People were pinching all the tree-buds awake, shouting - OPEN UP! OPEN UP!
The Bitties loosened the thawing earth by yanking the worms out of the ground...."


The Tasselbobs live in the bobbing blue corn cockles
in wheat fields. They live alongside any animals who can live
where Big People changed the land...."

Sir Godfrey and Jacky

"My Encyclopedia is soggy, Sir. Your Breakfast Dishes are to Blame!


"If the Passionflowers don't dance every day ... there is Trouble!
The kind of trouble a bunch of grumbly little Fairies with the fidgets
can make ... Passionate trouble!"

However you choose to use Appletta’s Letters, we know they’ll be poured over again and again!

  • The curlicue handwriting and drawings!
  • The shimmering papers!
  • The amazing stories and Fairy tidbits!

Reading, writing letters, and Fairies will never be the same again!

“She treasures the writing, illustrations, stories, and stories-within-stories so much
that she keeps them stacked in the order she received them, stored in a special box
so … ‘I can read them for the rest of my life.’”

Shay, Woodbridge, VA

Appletta’s handwriting is so expressive you can almost hear Appletta’s voice reading out loud.

  • Handwriting becomes a creative form, as well as a skill and a useful method of communication.
  • What fun to play with the shapes of letters and words the way Appletta does!
  • What a thrill to write letters and stories of their own!

“Both kids set right to work writing letters to Appletta. They left them in the flower boxes. Robert, who is just beginning to read, was trying to read his to himself before asking for help. Talk about motivation to practice reading!”

Antoinette, Ridgefield, CT

“She immediately wrote Appletta back with some of our own “Fairy stationery” and asked ‘What do you do with all the teeth?’ Of course, Appletta will be delivering her answer sometime tonight!!”

Trace, Kansas City, MO

Do reading or writing sometimes seem like a mountain to climb? Or a little scary?
Leap out! Put on some Fairy wings and enter Appletta’s world:

  • Reading and writing skills benefit by the tactile experience of Appletta’s letters.
  • Delightful stories, magical papers and playful handwriting give the child the desire to read and to write.
  • Creative lettering and language give the child a feel for the formation of letters and the “code” called written language

… my son has gone through the whole blue set of Appletta letters and I see you have a Green Set. These letters are helping him learn to read (he is dyslexic!).

Robin, Hockley, TX

We want to help you realize your own special Appletta Tooth Fairy traditions.
Certain letters pertain to particular childhood occurrences, such as:

  • a grumpy nothing-goes-right day;
  • losing something or getting lost;
  • feeling lonely or bored;
  • to celebrate a special day.

“Emily loved the description of Fairy wings, and it was perfect timing because we had just found some dragonflies the day before and had spent time examining their wings closely. The third letter was perfect too…. we had just been to New York City for a family outing the day before. Now Emily is dying to find out how Appletta makes the paper.”

Antoinette, Ridgefield, CT (Appletta answers this question in the Green Set!)

We usually mail the Letters to the child’s parent or guardian.

  • You select the letter, and the “when and where.”
  • Hide the letters in “Fairy places;”
  • finding them can be a treasure hunt!

Around the world, families have mailed their baby teeth:

  • from under the bed,
  • in the bathtub,
  • up a tree,
  • or on the roof!

Whatever Tooth Fairy ritual you dream up, the tooth needs to “disappear.”
Appletta says that her Fairy friends use those beautiful teeth!

Children lose 20 teeth between (approximately) the ages of 6 and 14. We know families who have enjoyed a Tooth Fairy ritual into the teen years — Appletta writes stories that are interesting and fun for all ages!

“12-year-old Caitlín, enjoys helping to hide the letters, or distracting her younger sister while I hid them. It made her feel mature to be in on the secret and to see Laurel’s expressions of delight and wonder.”

Shay, Woodbridge, VA

For Families of All Sizes

  • If you have more than two children;
  • a child that started with another Tooth Fairy;
  • or some other special something…

There is flexibility in the sets and creative ways Appletta’s letter sets can be made just right for you.

Please call 800.723.0336 or email — let’s talk about what your family needs.
The complete Blue Set and the complete Green Set each have
twenty letters that cover a similar range of Fairy World (and childs’ world!) subjects:

  • Necessary subjects like: what Fairies do with all those beautiful teeth.
  • Handy subjects: why Appletta might sometimes be late to leave a letter.
  • Historical subjects: how Fairies lived long ago and where Fairies live now.
  • Important subjects: turn a bad situation into a good one — the Fairy way!
  • Fun subjects: find Fairies in the “in-betweens.” Where to watch for Fairies when traveling.
We named the two complete 20-letter sets “Blue” and “Green” as a literary nod to the great old folklore collections by Andrew Lang — 12 books, each named by a color: Blue Fairy Book, Green Fairy Book, etc.
4-Letter Sets
The 20 letters of each set are also offered in five 4-letter sets. Start with an “Introducing Appletta Set” (Blue or Green). These are the first 4 letters in which Appletta introduces herself. These letters are focused on losing teeth.
A sample “One Nice Letter,” not part of any Green or Blue set, is also available.

We all marveled at the playful illustrations and fancy paper embedded with indescribable glimmery designs and flecks of silver and gold, which make the Appletta letters look truly magical. Laurel spotted a marigold seed in the handmade paper of one of the envelopes, which she plans to put in a pot to see if it will grow.

Shay, Woodbridge, VA

Letters from Appletta Tooth Fairy - Blue Set

Blue Set for First Child

Letters from Appletta Tooth Fairy - Green Set

Green Set for Sibling

Appletta’s Book

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