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A Secret Too Good to Keep

“Appletta … is snazzy, chipper, and oh-so-wise.”

I’d been holding this one in, thinking it would come out in an article I’ve written, but it may be a few months until the article comes out, and I can’t hold back any longer. I have to share this wonderful thing. It’s the best kind of secret; one that, when shared, spreads the good stuff around.

The secret is Appletta Tooth Fairy, who is not your usual dainty or meek, grandmotherly tooth fairy. She is snazzy, chipper, and oh-so-wise. And she writes *Wonderful* letters on magical looking paper dotted with silver and gold flecks, bearing delightful artwork that has the quality of hand silkscreening, and written in a whimsical, curly hand.

Each letter bears the child’s name in the same curly hand, and appeals to children’s sense of wonder, fun, and imagination.

As if that isn’t enough, Appletta, through communication with her friend, Diane Katz, will also write personal postscripts to the child. These are a lovely addition to the letters, because they help the recipient feel the letters truly speak to her.

Laurel had previously received two letters from Appletta: one about a celebration we observed, and another about the tooth she recently lost after a long hiatus of tooth losing. Appletta recently sent two other postscripts, which are so remarkable that they prompted me to open the floodgates here.

These are in response to Appletta’s learning about the death of our cat of 14 years, Tia. The notes are very moving and comforting, and are very much in tune with our situation, the children’s relationship with Tia, and our beliefs about life and death. Diane obviously listened carefully to what I told her on the phone, and conveyed it accurately to Appletta—who seems to understand just what Laurel needed.

Not only does Laurel read Appletta’s letters with relish, she has taken to writing back to her, as well. I wholeheartedly recommend the Appletta Letters to anyone who has a young girl or boy who might be interested in fairies, or who has an imagination, or who likes to receive letters, or who is a reluctant reader or writer. These are true treasures.

For the record, I am posting this purely out of my wish to share something wonderful.

Shay Seaborne

Shay and her husband Scott homeschool their two daughters in Woodbridge, VA. She is a Writer & Speaker, Community Organizer, Event Coordinator & Publicist, Homeschooling Parent, Survivor & Thriver: her website is

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