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Healing Coloring Book for Adults & Children

David H.Rosen, psychoanalyst and author of the long-lauded Transforming Depression: Healing the Soul through Creativity and The Tao of Elvis has, along with artist Diane Katz, created Time, Love and Licorice:
A Healing Coloring Storybook

This book takes healing coloring books to another level, creating a transpersonal dream space
in which to let go and heal childhood wounds.

If you know anyone, adult, child or that is dealing with Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), please introduce this book to them.

If you know any therapists or healers trying to help people recover from PTSD,
this book is a tool that can help them in their work.

Dr Rosen says of his experience writing Time, Love and Licorice:
“I reentered my child self at a time when the creative and loving relationship was damaged by my father’s war experiences. I wrote the story in a self-healing space, and the book now acts as a safe space in which children and families can come to terms with their own disruptions caused by PTSD. Sixty years after the events occurred, book in hand I cry again. The creative self-healing continues.”

Get the backstory on Time, Love and Licorice in Dr Rosen’s sensational, cinematic, vision-quest memoir,
also designed by Rosenberry Books and published in paperback by Wipf & Stock – Lost in the Long White Cloud: Finding my Way Home.

Currently on sale — a healing gift of TIME LOVE & LICORICE for under $10!

Diane Katz, is a book designer, artist and illustrator.

Diane can be reached at 800.723.0336

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