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Inner Voice: an online discussion

On Jonathan Cainer’s astrological website, he often presents comments and questions from readers.

Yesterday a woman wrote:

“I’ve been reading a lot about intuition of late and the importance of listening to the inner voice, and the ability to decipher what is the ‘inner voice’ and what is the voice of fear or anxiety that may impede a person on their journey. But on a different point, how do we distinguish between the voice of intuition and the voice of our deepest desires? Or are they just the same thing?”

Jonathan Cainer added: “If you think you can help Alicia with this query, please write in.”

I emailed Jonathan:

“Each person’s inner voice (spirit guides, higher power) can come through differently. Learn to recognize yours — you can do it! It may take time. Ask for help from Spirit…. Or as Appletta (my child’s tooth-fairy friend) says, ‘Deciding anything can get just plain noisy in your head … but there is another voice — one that comes clearer as time goes on … That voice is always calm, though what it says often surprises….’”

My reply refers to the last (20th) letter in the Blue Set of the story-letters from Appletta Tooth Fairy — a three-page letter in which Appletta tells about a girl named Laurel who “is a born listener … Laurel hears the far-away sounds before anyone else does … like the sound of the distant river beginning to rise….”

But Laurel gets confused by the many emotional “voices” in her head, until she learns to recognize the still small voice, her inner guide.

Actually, Appletta addresses this question in several of her story-letters.

In the sixth letter of the Green Set of the story-letters from Appletta Tooth Fairy, Appletta shares a “trick” she uses when she gets frightened. “My magics don’t save me from being afraid.”

Her Great-Grand-Aunt Agripine taught her to picture a white circle around herself “and find a quiet place inside.” Appletta goes on to say, “from inside your white circle, from inside your quiet place, may come just the thought of the perfect thing to do, or the way out …. as if … someone had whispered in your ear exactly what to do.”

I have heard some amazing stories from other parents — how learning from Appletta about the white circle and the white sheet (more about this another time….), has made a world of difference for their children.

  • Angela Elmore is the author of Appletta Tooth Fairy and the Whirligigs, which she wrote soon after her son (now grown) received his last letters from Appletta. “The Annotated Letters from Appletta” are an ongoing blog about some of Angela’s favorite Letters from Appletta Tooth Fairy.

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