Time, Love and Licorice: A Healing Coloring Storybook

by David H. Rosen, MD
art by Diane Katz

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Time, Love & Licorice

A Healing Space for Families

The attic is a wondrous place. It is a place to fix things.
Dad’s workshop is there. Henry’s special corner is there,
which hides his secret supply of building blocks.

When his soldier father comes back changed, Henry’s fantastic block towers are threatened by Dad’s sudden outbursts.

But in the attic, inspirations come. Repairs of all kinds are made.

Designed by Rosenberry Books,
see Wipf & Stock Publisher’s brochure and Look Inside Time Love & Licorice.

Time, Love and Licorce is a story of pain and hope. This is A Healing Coloring Storybook, illustrated with drawings of Henry’s optimistic, creative and imaginative world — a safe space in which children and families can face and try to heal from the disruptions caused by Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

There are many ways that a child might helpfully approach this book: coloring within the lines is not required here. (See How To Use This Book inside.) The child’s chosen method is the healing one. If several copies of Time, Love and Licorce are available to the child, it may be found that their chosen method changes with time.

A Tool Helping Professionals to Help PTSD Adults & Children

The artwork in Time, Love and Licorce creates a transpersonal space, a dream space. There are no images of angry fathers or frightened children to impose emotions upon the reader.

There are many ways that a child or adult might helpfully approach this book. While listening to the story, she may wish only to color the decorative and symbolic borders, allowing the emotional story to process subconsciously.

One person might discover that he and his family are absent from the pictures. He may wish to draw himself into the book.

Another person may use his crayon to scribble emotional energy all over the page.

Whatever method chosen by the reader is the best healing method.

One may observe, with a series of copies used over a course of time, that his or her chosen method changes as creative self-healing takes place.

Time, Love and Licorice — 7x10 in. paperback — $9 introductory price (reg. $12)
black & white printing, Wipf & Stock Publishers, 2015
Time, Love and Licorice THREE-COPY SPECIAL for families and therapists — $21.50
less than 7.16 each (reg. $12 each)
black & white printing, Wipf & Stock Publishers, 2015

From the Depth Psychology Alliance: Bonnie Bright interviews Dr David Rosen. TIME LOVE & LICORICE is the Healing Coloring Book discussed in the interview.

About the Author

Dr David H. Rosen is a physician, psychiatrist, and Jungian analyst, whose own story begins as the son of a father returning from WWII with severe Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

Of his creation process for Time, Love and Licorice: A Healing Coloring Storybook, Dr Rosen writes:

“I reentered my child self at a time when the creative and loving relationship was damaged by my father’s war experiences. I wrote the story in a self-healing space, and the book now acts as a safe space in which children and families can come to terms with their own disruptions caused by PTSD. Sixty years after the events occurred, book in hand I cry again. The creative self-healing continues.”

Rosen is the author of eight books, including Transforming Depression: Healing the Soul through Creativity (now in its third edition) written after interviewing survivors of jumps off the Golden Gate Bridge, and treating many suicidally depressed patients; Medicine as Human Experience with co-author Dr David Reiser, a classic in the field. Rosen’s books have been translated into many languages.

The initial holder of the McMillan Professorship in Analytical Psychology at Texas A&M University, Rosen hosts the Fay Lectures and edits the Fay Books in Analytical (Jungian) Psychology. Though retired, he is Affiliate Professor in Psychiatry at the Oregon Health & Science University.

Rosen’s penetrating stand-up comedy humor can be experienced in these wonderfully-quirky video renditions of “Dr Nada Live at Tiny Tavern.” and
“Dr Nada at Tiny Tavern, part II”

Rosen is also the lyricist of the blues song Where Elvis Lives Hear it! and See it!

Creation story and vision quest, Lost in the Long White Cloud: Finding my Way Home is a memoir turned cinematic adventure story by the astonishingly honest, good-hearted and erudite David H. Rosen, MD. (a Rosenberry Books designed, Wipf & Stock paperback edition)

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