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Holy Mountain review …

“Pax Christi USA and Fellowship of Reconciliation ordered special editions.”

The final product, each one handcrafted by Rosenberry Books in a Chatham County (NC) workshop, is a combination of Diane’s artistic acumen and Rosenberry technological innovations, which allows Diane’s artwork to be reproduced with a quality that gives them an original-like appearance.

“We create books as an experience. An experience that takes you page by page through time the way a film does.” Katz said.

The text, which includes strong condemnation of war by Wilson-Hartgrove and Villegas, also caught the attention of two national peace organizations, Pax Christi USA, a Catholic peace group, and Fellowship of Reconciliation, an interfaith peace group. Both organizations ordered special editions of On All My Holy Mountain, which were personalized with appropriate prefaces for each organization.

In one reflection on Psalm 120, Wilson-Hartgrove wrote: “We are familiar now with the accusation that our nation fought a war based on lies. To the psalmist this is no surprise: peace is the truth, war always a lie and we the people, tangled in untruthfulness, mourn the absence, feel the wound of deceitful tongue, sharper than an F-16.”

Wrote Pax Christi: “On All My Holy Mountain offers us an opportunity to study Scripture and our reactions to it and to explore our strengths and shortcomings, as we commit to action for peace in our daily lives. This book recognizes that this process cannot be rushed.”

“Even when we know of the world’s injustices and dare to examine our role within them, how often in our busy lives do we sit in contemplation with sacred readings or with artwork that speaks to the Divine? How often do we slow down, allowing the messages to penetrate to the depths of our beings? How often do we leave these experiences a changed person?”

At the Heart of the Peace Church Tradition, part 2, by Patrick O’Neill
Divinity Magazine, winter 2007, volume 6, number 2

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