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Miraculous: What a Book Can Do

He’s read the book 201 times. His therapist recommended it…

Starting at a time of depression and seeing him through life’s “slings and arrows” every since, The Tao of Elvis
turns out to be a life-changer.

That’s what the fellow told me on the phone this morning, and it has transformed my day.

Now, this fellow wanted a Deluxe Edition, with bigger type for his older eyes. Besides, the ragged, old paperback was destroyed during a move. This man wasn’t going to live without a copy.

This story is a birthday present for David H. Rosen, the author of The Tao of Elvis. Happy Birthday David!

Dr Rosen felt called to try to understand the simultaneously destructive and healing spirit of Elvis. As a Jungian psychoanalyst, Dr Rosen also understood that the story of Elvis is, in a sense, a collective dream: a dream we understand helps us to understand ourselves.

Learn more about Dr Rosen by reading his new memoir, Lost in the Long White Cloud: Finding my Way Home (a Rosenberry Books/Wipf & Stock paperback edition)

Diane Katz, is a book designer, artist and illustrator.

Diane can be reached at 800.723.0336

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