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Strange to post an article from a favorite natural health company, but how could I resist when it is so apropos our TIME LOVE & LICORICE: A Healing Coloring Storybook.

The article begins:
“You may fondly remember coloring books from your childhood, or perhaps you have children or grandchildren who enjoy coloring. But this activity doesn’t have to be locked away by nostalgia — more and more adults are re-discovering coloring as a form of active meditation…Read More

David H.Rosen, psychoanalyst and author of Transforming Depression: Healing the Soul through Creativity and The Tao of Elvis has, along with artist Diane Katz, created Time, Love and Licorice:
A Healing Coloring Storybook.

Diane Katz, is a book designer, artist and illustrator.

Diane can be reached at 800.723.0336

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