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Holy Mountain review…

“Washington National Cathedral offers On All My Holy Mountain in its Christmas catalogue”

Wilson-Hartgrove said he “was struck by the beauty” of Rosenberry’s final product, “what the monastic tradition calls the illumination of the text.”

Rosenberry also produced another handmade tome, A Word in Season, how good it is! A Christian Year in Sermons, a compilation of sermons delivered by 11 preachers of the Chapel Hill Mennonite Fellowship. The sermons of Wilson-Hartgrove, Villegas and four others with ties to Duke Divinity School, Fred and Elizabeth Bahnson, Alex Sider and Peter Dula, are included in Word in Season.

Katz won’t say how much time goes into making her books. “We like to make things with our hands,” she said. “I don’t think I can tell you time, We don’t get paid for our time here.”

The Washington National Cathedral museum store also chose to list On All My Holy Mountain in its 2006 Christmas catalogue, an honor which signifies the cathedral’s commitment to global peace and grassroots endeavors like Rutba House.

Both books can be ordered from the publisher at or by calling 1-800-723-0336. Profits from “On All My Holy Mountain” go to the work of Rutba House.

At the Heart of the Peace Church Tradition, part 3, by Patrick O’Neill
Divinity Magazine, winter 2007, volume 6, number 2

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