Garden Snippets

by Sam Williams
art by Diane Katz

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Garden Snippets
Garden Snippets Summer
Garden Snippets Harvest
Garden Snippets Winter
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Garden Snippets

Garden Snippets "Summer"

Garden Snippets "Monk's Garden"

Garden Snippets "Winter"

Garden Snippets "Toast"

No two gardeners, or their gardens, are ever truly alike. One person’s interpretation of an English garden is often another’s idea of chaos. Truth is, few of us have the ability to make a garden look completely natural, no matter how hard we try. Sam Williams was born with a gift for combining plants. Though meticulously well thought out, his gardens looked as if they could have been designed by Mother Nature herself….

Sam has finally sat down and put his gardening thoughts to paper…. Not only has Sam been gardening his whole life, but he puts life into gardening in a very special way.

(from the foreword to Garden Snippets by Tom Hewitt, Garden writer and photographer for Small Gardens and Florida Gardening.

Williams’s poems are enhanced with richly-textured illustrations which make use of linoleum carvings Diane Katz has created over the past twenty years. Using a high-energy technique with creamy beeswax crayons that is a cross between printing, drawing and monument rubbing, the hidden images magically reveal themselves on the surface of the paper.

Garden Snippets — Deluxe Edition — 6 x 9 in. hand-bound hardcover—$23.95
Handmade cotton moonrock binding, English Somerset, India handmade cotton cover, botanical flyleaves, archival, 2011, 60 pages.

Sam Williams, Master Gardener, weaver and collector of fine old things, is a native of Loudon County, Tennessee, where he continues the restoration of the old home place in nearby Vonore, the Toqua Community, where gardening has been a way of life for nearly two hundred years.

Williams wrote By This Christmas Moon, a collection of his annual Christmas poems. This first collaboration with artist Diane Katz is available as a hand-bound Rosenberry edition.

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