Seeing God’s Word

Entering into Scripture through the Eye of the Mandala

by David Mathewson

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Seeing God's Word,
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Seeing God's Word
Seeing God's Word,
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Seeing God's Word

Seeing God's Word, "The Vine Grower"

Seeing God's Word - flyleaf

This beautifully crafted book is an invitation to accompany David Mathewson on a journey of personal discovery by experiencing scripture as never before. Words of scripture encountered dozens or even hundreds of times, may come alive so vividly that they are literally breathtaking, moving us at the very core of our being.

Being “in” the Gospel

Mathewson, drawn to visualizing scripture with a sense of being “in” the gospel, was surprised to discover that The Word was suddenly made tangible when he found himself painting in a circular, mandala-like form. “The mandala was serving as a catalyst in a reaction where sensory experience transitioned into a symbolic realm, a realm in which an inward journey could take place.”

“I soon had a strong and humbling sense that, rather than dictating the composition of the piece, I was actually taking dictation. Indeed, the finished work seldom looked anything at all like the one I had first envisioned…. When the final brush stroke was administered to these pieces, I found myself sitting back and wondering ‘What has God wrought through these hands?’ … (M)y artwork was now leading me to move outside the boundaries of my comfort zone … dramatically turn(ing) my accustomed way of thinking upside down.”

A Tool for Creating Sacred Space

The mandala is a spiritual form found worldwide. Being circular, repetitive, and progressing from the center, it creates a sacred space and a sense of the eternal. Read more about these mandalas

Each selected scripture is accompanied by a mandala, an Explanatory Note and Mathewson’s Personal Reflections. There is just enough commentary to introduce you to the mandala, and the Personal Reflections, in the form of a conversation or a prayer, share the author’s personal spiritual quest.
List of scripture

Praise from Bishop Hultstrand

Bishop-in-Residence at Christ Church Episcopal in Greenville, SC

Seeing God’s Word — Deluxe Edition— 9x12 in. hand-bound hardcover — $34.95Handmade hemp binding, English Somerset, Stardream & Japanese Echizen Washi cover, Echizen Washi flyleaves, Classic Laid Baronial Ivory text, archival, 2012.

About the Author

David Mathewson, a graduate of Washington and Lee University, spent the majority of his career in the field of International Business. He managed manufacturing and marketing operations in Europe, Japan and Australia, as well as the United States. Leaving the corporate world, he spent the next decade fulfilling a long-held dream of working in Independent School secondary education. As both administrator and teacher he was able to enjoy the many rewards of witnessing young people, from their earliest years to young adulthood, go through the often mysterious, sometimes difficult, but always fascinating process of formation.

He currently resides in Signal Mountain, TN with his wife of over forty years, The Reverend Doctor Kathryn Mathewson, an Episcopal priest. A new home is being built in Chatham County, NC near their daughters and three much doted-upon grandchildren.

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