Blue Wolves Are Howling Grapefruit Orange

by Tyler S. Pruett


Blue Wolves Are Howling Grapefruit Orange

Seventy-seven haiku and senryu take us an extra-ordinary journey.

Without a knock
the door opens
to a cloud

Tyler Pruett begins in memory,

at twilight
the clouds soak
with pink cool aid


the frog you run over is a different
part of yourself


missing two walls
the ceiling becomes
more important

and teeters on the border between tangible reality and…

for a moment
the scarecrow believes
I’m a real person

Blue Wolves Are Howling Grapefruit Orange is a true experience in truths

… a moving and perceptive compilation that — in the end — skillfully employs gendai’s surrealism
to deepen the reader.

Blue Wolves Are Howling Grapefruit Orange — Standard Edition — 14.95
6x9 in. hand-bound softcover. English Somerset cover, archival, 2014.

About the Author

Tyler Pruett is an artist and writer with a special interest in English language haiku. He lives in Maine with his wife and daughters where he teaches writing at Kaplan University.

You can learn more about Tyler’s work at

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