Seasons of a Hermitess

101 haiku by an’ya

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Seasons of a Hermitess
Seasons of a Hermitess - autumn

Seasons of a Hermitess

an’ya — a household name in the haiku-world — is the winner
of numerous international awards for her haiku and other verse forms.

Simply Said, Saying So Much

an’ya walks quietly through the seasons and observes. 101 haiku touch 101 moments as they pass.
In addition, with a deft and innocent brush of her hand, an’ya opens the door to each seasonal chapter
with a sumi-e painted haiga.

a sharpened edge
on the shovel

spring thaw some things rising rusty

milky way
I forget to bid on
my ebay auction

“It is far more difficult to be creative in three lines of limited syllables …
In haiku, the impact must be immediate — then fleeting,
just as those real moments in our lives and in nature.”
(from the preface)

an’ya brings to her poems a vital and varied life. She has been a Nascar-track trophy girl; a Slavic foods caterer (spit-roasted lambs and pigs); a Balkan dance troupe teacher and choreographer; vintage jewelry entrepreneur; and a practitioner of suiseki, the Japanese art of stone appreciation.

Seasons of a Hermitess — Fine Edition — 6x9 in. hand-bound softcover — $21.95
English Somerset & Echizen Washi cover, handmade Thai mulberry flyleaves with botanical inclusions, Thai Unryu interleaving, archival, 2008, 130 pages.

About the Author

an’ya is the haigo (haiku nom de plume) of Andja Petrovic. an’ya loosely translates to “a peaceful light in the moonless night.”

an’ya is cattails Principal editor for the United Haiku and Tanka Society (UHTS), and was voted one of the top ten haiku poets in the world by her peers in 2011.

She has won world-class awards and honors for her haiku and other verse forms from Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, India, the UK, Brazil, and the Balkans.

Her work has been published in numerous international publications and anthologies. She and has been editor-in-chief of haigaonline, Moonset, the Tanka Society of America newsletter and the Haiku Society of America (HSA) 2011 anthology and is a winner of the HSA Merit Book Award. She is a founder and President of the Oregon Haiku and Tanka Society. Learn more about an’ya at her Existence Arts website.

A Tanka Companion, also by an’ya, is available from Rosenberry Books.

Rosenberry Books is the exclusive publisher of the United Haiku and Tanka Society.

an’ya’s next Rosenberry edition: kokoro — coming soon!

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