Ask! again

rotellagrams by Alexis Rotella

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Ask! again - deluxe edition
Ask! again - standard edition
Ask! again - birds
Ask! again - boat
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Ask! again - deluxe edition

Ask! again - standard edition

”If you can’t find your way, Ask!”

Ask Alexis Rotella’s oracle and you shall be amused, bemused, startled and inspired. Rotella is an ordained minister, acupuncturist, and the author of more than forty books.

Be a witness to the moment when she sat in her meditation room “with brush and ream of mimeograph paper. Within two hours, about two hundred aphorisms and drawings flew from the brush like crows.”

She gave her witty aphorisms and zen drawings the humorous sobriquet “rotellagrams.”

Ask! again — Deluxe Edition — 6x9 in. hand-bound hardcover — $23.95
Handmade Thai mulberry binding, Italian Murillo & Echizen Washi cover, Thai mulberry flyleaves with die-cut circle reveal, heavyweight recycled text, archival, 2008, 76 pages.
Ask! again — Standard Edition — 6x9 in. hand-bound softcover — $17.95
English Somerset cover, archival, 2008, 76 pages.

About the Author

Alexis Rotella was the 2007 grand prize winner of the Kusmakura Haiku Competition in Kumamoto, Japan. Her Elvis In Black Leather was nominated for The Pushcart Prize in 2009.

Rotella’s longer work and Japanese related poems have appeared in hundreds of journals and magazines including The New York Times (Metropolitan Diary), Christian Science Monitor, Family Circle, Glamour, New Letters, Chiron Review, and Bottle Rockets.

Other Rotella tiles available at Rosenberry Books edition include A Sprinkle of Glitter and Purple: a parable.

Rotella served as President of the Haiku Society of America in 1984 and edited Frogpond, Brussels Sprout, The Persimmon Tree, Modern Haiga and Prune Juice. Her haiku, senryu and tanka have won many awards and recognition and appear in numerous anthologies including Global Haiku (Twenty-five Poets World-wide), Beneath a Single Moon (Buddhism in Contemporary American Poetry), and Cor van den Heuvel’s The Haiku Anthology 3rd edition.

Alexis Rotella lives in Arnold, Maryland where she is a licensed acupuncturist and an ordained minister.

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