A Solitary Life

by Rob Dingman


Openly exploring an often-feared territory, Rob Dingman, author of Tom: Conversations with a Modern Day Sage, discovers the expansion of life within the microcosm. Join him for this introspective haiku journey.

“Within the seventy gems, the reader will find nourishment and a place to escape …
Beauty and joy await within.” from the foreword by Meik Blöttenberger.

In Solitude the Great Adventure Begins

snake skin
beside the garden wall
re-inventing myself

nothing to do
but go inward

early spring
the old pond jumped
into an all-night song

A Solitary Life — Standard Edition — 14.95
6x9 in. hand-bound softcover. English Somerset cover, archival, 2016.

About the Author

Rob Dingman is the author of Tom: Conversations with a Modern Day Sage Rob has traveled extensively and studied Buddhism in India. In addition to reading and writing haiku, he enjoys flower gardening and hiking.

Art is by Tim Dingman, landscape artist, portrait artist,freelance writer, and son of the author.

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