Petals in my Hair

A Gathering of Haiku

by Caroline Rupert

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Petals in my Hair
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Petals in my Hair

A long lifetime of close observation is expressed one moment at a time.

Caroline Rupert’s awareness was cultivated as an analytical psychologist, dream interpreter, and psychological astrologer. This deluxe edition is enhanced by Rupert’s watercolor observations
of natural elements expressed in her haiku.

cherry blossoms
petals in my hair.

Scattered memories
snapshots flash through my mind —
file clerks retired.

Petals in my Hair — Deluxe Edition — 6x9 in. hand bound hardcover — 21.95
Handmade Thai mulberry binding, Thai mulberry or Unryu flyleaves with botanical inclusions, English Somerset, Stardream & Echizen Washi cover, mulberry binding, archival, 2009.

About the Author

Caroline Rupert attended the American Academy of Art and the Art Institute of Chicago. She was introduced to haiku by the “Dill Pickle Jrs.” A 1970s Illinois women’s writing group named after the Dill Pickle Club, a bohemian Chicago club frequented by the likes of Clarence Darrow, Emma Goldman, Upton Sinclair, Sherwood Anderson, Carl Sandburg, Ben Hecht and William Carlos Williams. Her poems, both haiku and other forms, were published in Kay Loring’s column in the Chicago Tribune and, with an Editor’s Choice Award, in the 1999 anthology of the International Library of Poetry.

An analytical psychologist and Jungian astrologer, Rupert has been Chicago chapter president of The National Council for Geocosmic Research and president and founding member of the C. G. Jung Society of the Triangle (NC). She resides in Chapel Hill, NC.

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