Western Brushstrokes

by Patricia Nolan

Western Brushstrokes

“Patricia Nolan’s expressive use of extreme renman cursive is a form now rarely used.
The art … is not only aesthetic, but also expresses her heartfelt moments.”
author of Seasons of a Hermitess and A Tanka Companion.

108 Haiku and Haiga: Personal and Panoramic

As an Air Force wife living in Tokyo, Nolan studied sumi-e, the art of Japanese ink painting;
ikebana, Japanese flower arranging; and the history and writing of Japanese poetry.

She has practiced these arts for more that a quarter of a century, transposing their use
to the mountains of Colorodo. There in the mountains she became a cross country ski
and white water rafting guide.

In Western Brushstrokes Nolan creates haiga enhanced by the defined meaning
of expressive Japanese brushstrokes, and she shares her intimate knowledge
of the changing landscape:

snow falls from trees
on the shadows

Antelope Canyon
sacred datura
welcomes sunrise

one brushstroke lifts
a sparrow to flight

Discover your own poetic potential

As a true trail guide, Nolan also offers a brief introduction to writing haiku along with
a series of questions to stimulate your first poems.

Western Brushstrokes — Fine Edition — 6x9 in. hand-bound softcover — 23.95
English Somerset & Echizen washi cover, India Silk flyleaves, archival, 2013, 138 pp.

About the Author

Patricia Nolan’s publication credits include An Interpretive Guide to Farish Recreation Area (USAFA); Hiking Guide to the US Air Force Academy (with Drs Jim and Donna Head); and the poetry chapbooks, Water Alive and Broken Pieces of Shell.

Other work has appeared in the following anthologies and publications: Pulse of the River; Messages from the Hidden Lake; Finding Our Voices; Voice of the Muse; Sharing the Sun; frogpond; in pine shade; The Temple Bell Stops; Colorado Central Magazine; Colorado Life; and others.

Her cover art has appear on The Eleventh Muse; in pine shade; and the forthcoming book, The Magpie Cried by Ben Humphrey. Her haiga can be viewed at haigaonline.com.

Nolan is the Plains & Mountains Regional Coordinator of the Haiku Society of America.

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